Wholesale Full Spectrum CBD oil 1 liter 10% (Bulk)


Due to the numerous benefits of full-spectrum CBD products, their demand is increasing. Their production has increased to cater to this demand as many manufacturers have entered the CBD market. It has also increased the competition among the manufacturers and provided more options for the consumer.

Bulk CBD has always been an attractive option for sellers. The full-spectrum options are of much interest, especially the oils. The full-spectrum CBD oil 10% by Relaxing Nature is a popular choice among wholesale sellers. At Relaxing Nature, it is sold in one-liter quantities as wholesale purchasers always prefer bulk CBD.

For retailers, buying bulk CBD oil and then selling it is profitable. The same goes for the retailers in the cannabis market. Relaxing Nature is at your service if you are also a retailer looking for a trusted supplier from wholesale.

Why buy from Relaxing Nature?

If you want to buy wholesale CBD in the UK, Relaxing Nature is a name of trust as the brand stays true to its claims of maintaining high quality and transparency. When buying from us, you get a clear picture of the components of your CBD product. Even when purchasing wholesale CBD oil, we give you a complete product breakdown.


Buying wholesale full-spectrum CBD oil has many benefits, and if you buy it from Relaxing Nature, you get a few more plus points. These include:

·        Amazing discounts

·        Fast delivery

·        Guaranteed quality

·        Excellent prices

·        Various available options


Advantages of buying from wholesale

Wholesale is the best option for people looking to buy in bulk. It is an ideal option for new businesses, especially if you are into selling CBD, then buying wholesale would be a perfect option for you.

Many manufacturers out there only sell their products wholesale or in bulk. Retailers buy from such manufacturers and sell to other retailers or consumers. For business dealings, it is always advisable to buy wholesale due to the massive price difference.

This way, you can earn huge profits if you sell products procured through a whole seller. You can spend the same amount on something else, such as promoting your business or hiring competent staff.  

In the cannabis market, wholesale buying is a comparatively new concept, and you will not find a bulk of whole sellers, but a few sell wholesale CBD. We are one of such sellers that deal with wholesale cannabis products.

If you buy our wholesale full-spectrum CBD oil, you can attract many customers due to this product's potential benefits. You must be familiar with the help of full-spectrum CBD oil by now but what differentiates it from other full-spectrum oils is that a third party verifies it.

Cannabinoid profile

Relaxing Nature’s wholesale full-spectrum CBD oil cold-pressed oil. It uses CO2 supercritical extraction method and is dark-green in color. The cannabinoid profile of this CBD oil is as follows:

·        CBDV - 10,1 mg/g

·        CBDA - 16,5 mg/g

·        CBGA - 0,6 mg/g

·        CBG - 2,3 mg/g

·        CBD - 106,7 mg/g


Currently, it is available at a reduced price at Relaxing Nature. Instead of 899.00€, you can buy 1 liter of full-spectrum CBD oil for 599.00€.

Scale Prices (per liter)

10% CBD Oil
1L: 599€ / 10L: 499€ / 50L: 349€

20% CBD Oil
1L: 999€ / 10L: 899€ / 50L: 599€

30% CBD Oil
1L: 1099€ / 10L: 999€ / 50L: 799€

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Wholesale Full Spectrum CBD oil 1 liter 10% (Bulk)

  • 899.00€
  • 599.00€

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