About Us

Relaxing Nature is a company with import and export of 100% organic hemp products, food ingredients,additives,herbal products,oils-essential and cold-pressed.

At source, we cooperate with our partners in agricultural projects.
In trade we operate with a worldwide network of suppliers and buyers.
In the food industry we supply quality raw materials, consumer packaging for private label and advise on industrial use.


Core values
Relaxing Nature believes we can contribute towards a sustainable world through organic farming and trading in organic commodities and consumer brands. We aim at quality certified organic products, premium quality for the farmer’s life and preservation of the earth for future generations. The core values that accompany this philosophy are:

Treat the planet, treat the people, treat yourself fairly. We believe that organic farming and the trade of organic ingredients require fair pricing to contribute to a better quality of farmers’ lives. This includes fair treatment of the soil, water, animals and plants, thus contributing to a better preservation of the earth for future generations.

We build a culture of transparency both internally and externally by providing full information about the quality, safety, sustainability and origin of our products.

We are committed to our customers to deliver high-quality fully traceable organic food ingredients and products. And to our suppliers we are committed to be a solid partner they can trust and on whom they can build. We are committed to our planet to act as a global citizen and help its preservation.

We operate with a worldwide network of 180 suppliers from more than 23 countries.
Social welfare and fair payment is a key topic for our business.

Some important facts about us:

We are a private company with shares owned by the management, suppliers, employees.
Our warehouse has a surface area of 2.000 m2, with a storage capacity of over 5.000 pallets.
We are proud to have more than 20 people working on the Relaxing Nature team.
In our on-site packaging facility we pack organic food ingredients,herbal and hemp products,oils for private labels, using fully eco-friendly packaging with compostable foil, labels, ink and glue.
Having the headquarters, warehouse and packaging facilities located together allows us to maintain a high level of quality control and logistics flexibility.
Organic certification is the foundation of Relaxing Nature operations.